Rob Pattinson Isn’t Going to Tell Us Anything

In “Duh” news of the day, we can’t expect to get any good dirt from RPatt’s scheduled interviews on The Daily Show or Good Morning, America, because he isn’t going to tell us shit about his feelings on KStew getting her chi-chis sucked by Rupert Sanders last month.

A source close to RPattz has blown a queef of disappointment in our general direction, telling GossipCop that RPattz will give any interviewer bitchface of Kristen Stewart levels if they dare broach the subject their relationship and her cheating:

Robert was booked a long time ago to talk about Cosmopolis, and working with David Cronenberg,” the source told Gossip Cop. “He doesn’t talk about his personal life.”

They added that even if Pattinson is asked about Stewart cheating on him during Good Morning America, he will not give a response.

Thanks for nothing, guys.  I’m not sure how this whole thing went from awesome to boring as hell in the matter of a couple of weeks, but we are not amused.



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