Rob Pattinson Headed to The Daily Show Prior to GMA

Rob Pattinson’s rep have told Good Morning America to just slow the fuck down with that whole “first appearance” post KStew/Rupert Sanders affair.

Earlier this week, GMA announced they were going to have RPattz appear on GMA for his first interview after photos of KStew grinding up on/getting her chi chi’s sucked by Snow White and the Huntsman director, Rupert Sanders. This was a big deal, as Rob has been hiding out at Reese Witherspoon’s weekend home in California.  (The two became close when they filmed Water for Elephants.)

However, contrary to GMA’s claims, they will not be the first to interview RPattz post-scandal.  That honor is actually going to Jon Stewart and the Daily Show.  GossipCop reports:

Robert Pattinson will appear on “The Daily Show” on Monday, August 13, Gossip Cop has learned.
He’ll then be seen next on Wednesday’s “Good Morning America.”
That’s fact.
What’s fiction are all the reports about how Pattinson will use the spots to “open up” about the situation with Kristen Stewart.
His TV appearances were booked months ago in conjunction with promotion for Cosmopolis, and we’re told he’s excited to talk about… his movie.
As for all the other stuff, he’s never talked about his personal relationships before, and he’s not going to start next week.
Any reports to the contrary are conjecture — and WRONG.

So it sounds like Rob isn’t going to give us the goods on the affair.  This whole thing has turned boring rather quickly.  So much potential, and they’re squandering it for us.  Don’t they realize we need something juicy to help get us through this unbearably hot summer?


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