Randy Travis Was a Drunk Mess Again

TMZ is reporting that once again, Randy Travis had too much of grandma’s cough syrup last night and it led to bad things. And, once again,  Randy was hanging out in a church parking lot – however, it was not the same church he was busted in earlier this year for DWI.

Around 1am this morning, Plano police  responded to call reporting two men fighting in a church parking lot.  Surprise: one of the men was Randy Travis.  Officers broke up the fight and Randy was taken to the hospital.

Sources say Randy appeared “extremely intoxicated.”  Shocking, I know.

Travis’s lawyer claims Randy’s fiance and her estranged husband were arguing, and Randy stepped in to intercede.

They were all meeting up….In a church parking lot…  At 1am…The hell, people?  The hell?

There was also reportedly another man involved in the fight, as well.  And you know how else was probably involved? A man named Jack Daniels, because I am guessing that everybody involved was hammered.

Randy, I love the nectar of the gods about as much as anybody else.  Okay, maybe even more so because I’ve been known to cradle a good bottle of vodka close to me and murmur sweet nothings to it while I gently fall to sleep. (Don’t judge me, okay? Vodka has been a wonderful friend through thick and thin).

However, if I were to say – oh, I don’t know – get arrested 3 times in one year, two of those times in a church parking lot and one time naked while threatening to kill cops?  I may have to re-evaluate my relationship with alcohol.







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