MTV Has Canceled Jersey Shore

Well, the value of Valtrex stock must be sinking to an all-time low on this news.  The upcoming sixth season will be the last for MTV’s Jersey Slore.  

Rumors have been running rampant MTV was ready to sever ties with Jerseys’ finest for a while.  With Snooki poppin’ out her own little guido last week, and Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino doing a stint in rehab last year, the show was skirting an ever-narrowing line between ‘entertaining train wreck’ and ‘pitiful exploitation.’

MTV made the official announcement today, along with news that it plans to milk every last drop of self-tanner out of ending the series, of course.  Before the debut of the sixth and final season (October 4), there will be a bunch of “nostalgic” retrospects for it’s first five seasons.


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