Kristen Stewart Pulls Out of “On the Road” London Premiere, Drops of Out Movie “Cali”

KStew is reportedly so “embarrassed” at being caught cheating on RPattz with a married man that she’s decided to take herself right out of the London premiere for her flick, “On the Road” AND  she dropped out of the film “Cali.”

Kristen was scheduled to appear along with “On the Road” co-star Tom Sturridge – who is a close friend of Rob’s – at the London premiere.  But a source tells RadarOnline that the trampire is chickening out of attending:

“Kristen won’t be doing the red carpet for On The Road – she’s too ashamed to show her face in public right now,” a source revealed.

“After everything that has been said, and in light of the revelations that she cheated on Robert with director Rupert Sanders, she’s running scared at the moment.

“There’s also the dilemma of standing next to her co-star in the movie, Tom Sturridge. He’s very close to Rob and Kristen thinks it would be awkward for her to promote the movie on the red carpet alongside him.

Boo, you whore! You’re ruining the fun for us who are eagerly anticipating the schadenfreude. You can’t hide forever! Anyhoo, on the heels of this news also comes the announcement that Kristen has dropped out of the the upcoming film, “Cali.”  According to Variety, no reason was given for her leaving the role.



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