Katy Perry Rejects ‘American Idol’ Offer – a BIG Offer

“American Idol” is on a desperate search for more judges to join Mariah Carey and maybe Randy Jackson, unless he leaves the show too before the season starts, and it seems that they had their eyes set on Katy Perry (at least this week – last week it was Nikki Minaj).

What’s hilarious about “AI’s” courtship of Katy Perry is that they offered her $20M, which¬†MORE than they offered Mariah Carey, who is getting an $18M paycheck for her expertise on “American Idol.” I’m pretty sure Mariah would not be happy about not being the highest paid judge on the show, so it was probably a good move on Katy’s part to turn down the offer.

Unfortunately for “American Idol,” Katy made it very clear that she has zero interest in judging on the show and that no amount of mula will change that fact. I love how steadfast she is, but I think most people, and the future contestants, would wish that she would change her mind.


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