Blair Warner is Going to Be on Survivor: Philippines

To be honest, I didn’t even know Survivor was still on the air in any form except for possibly re-run status on some cable channel I’ve never paid attention to.   So my first reaction to this news was something along the lines of “that fucking show STILL hasn’t died yet?”   My second reaction was oh my God it’s the original HBIC Blair! 

That’s right – the vain, materialistic 80′s icon Blair Warner (real life name: Lisa Whelchel) is making her television comeback on Survivor: Philippines.   Over the weekend, while I was in Ferndale, Michigan, I was so upset that I just had missed the run of The Facts of Life: The Lost Episode,” so reading this announcement yesterday made me giddy!

All the other contestants should just quit now, because it doesn’t matter if you win or lose.  Blair Warner will always be number one in my shallow, superficial heart.


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