Another Day, Another Amanda Bynes Car Accident

I want to know how the hell this bitch still has her driver’s license.  For real, California – get it together!  Sometimes, you don’t need to let a person take a driver’s exam to know they shouldn’t be on the road.  If you were to go up to 100 people asked them ‘What celebrities should have their driver’s license revoked?” the survey would say:

  1. Lindsay Lohan
  2. Amanda Bynes

Those top two answers would be the only two answers.

TMZ is reporting that because today is day that ends in “Y,” of course Amanda Bynes was  involved in yet another car accident, bringing her yearly tally to a number that most people don’t have in their entire life.  This time, Amanda was actually rear-ended by another vehicle while driving in the San Fernando Valley.  Though the police were called, no one was cited.  Now typically, the driver who did the rear-ending (tee hee) would be the one whose day just went from bad to worse because in addition to paying for whatever damage they did, they get a ticket  as well.  But such wasn’t the case here as – surprise! – the other driver claims Amanda performed an asstastic driving move when she did a “reckless maneuver that triggered the collision.”

Given her less than stellar driving record, I tend to believe the rear-ending driver.

Amanda, where is your Obama now?!


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