And Then There’s Skittles Weird Walrus Make-Out Commercial…

This morning, I told you all about the surprisingly funny Ragu commercial I saw during the Olympics last night.  Well, just like a massive hangover reminds you that a night of awesomeness always has morning-after consequences, Skittles has come along with this disturbing commercial and shits deranged rainbows on my parade.

For some reason, an advertising firm (I don’t care enough to Google the exact one) thought a chick making out with a walrus was a a great way to get people to buy Skittles.  This commercial also informs me that should I ever want to stop blogging, there is another career choice out there where you can get high as hell throughout the day and get paid. (Always good to know.)

Anyway, I guess tasting the rainbow now has a detour through a walrus’s tonsils (I don’t care if they really have them or not.)


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