“Taken 2″ US Trailer

So the US trailer for Taken 2 debuted online yesterday.  Here’s a quick summary of what happens: LIAM NEESON KICKS A LOT OF ASS.

I’m pretty sure that all of Liam’s movies in the past 10 years are accurately described with LIAM NEESON KICKS A LOT OF ASS, but this is not a bad thing.  In fact, I like – nay, love - it.  I don’t want to see LIAM NEESON FALLS IN LOVE or LIAM NEESON FINDS THE MEANING OF LIFE or any of that boring shit.  You know why?  Because, though he’s pushing 60, no one can sell 120 minutes of KICKING A LOT OF ASS on the big screen the way Liam does.

So here’s Liam,  Maggie Grace (reprising her role as his daughter, but now with 100% less uselessness than the first Taken film) and Famke Jannsen as his ex-wife(?), who has now been Taken 2 (see what I did there…)


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