Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively Discussing Marriage

Oh, Ryan. Oh no, no, no.

Ryan Reynolds broke my heart last year when he started dating bland and basic Blake Lively.  Now it seems as if he wants to extinguish my love for him completely by actually marrying her.

Blake’s publicist  A source close to Blake tells RadarOnline“Blake and Ryan are so in love with each other,” a source close to Blake said. “They’re really cute and sweet and they’re always talking about how they want to be together forever.”

However, Blake’s rep the insider says they’re not exactly rushing things. “She’s really young still and she’s enjoying dating Ryan, but they’re as serious as they can be and they have had discussed the possibility of taking the next step together in the future when they are both ready.”

Ryan, you’re 35.  You’re old enough to not let the the head on your shoulders do thinking.  I know you’re a serial monogamist, but let’s peek at your past and remember the ones you wanted to be with forever, prior to Blake.

Exhibit A:

Exhibit B:

All I’m saying is, don’t hurry it.  Don’t talk forever just yet. It’s only been a few months.  Give it a couple of years and then see where you are.


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