Poor Chloe Sevigny Can’t Get Free Designer Dresses Any More

What’s the world coming to when a fashion icon like Chloe Sevigny can’t get a free designer dress for the screening of her new TV series? (Answer: a better place.)

In an interview with Out magazine, Chloe let us all know just how hard it is for the B-falling-to-C-List actresses out there right now.  For the London premiere of her show, Hit & Miss, Chloe asked twenty fashion houses to send her a designer dress so she could sashay her spoiled ass down the red carpet. So imagine Chloe’s shock when 18 of those 20 tossed her request into the nearest trash can:

Aren’t I one of the top searches on Style.com, for crying out loud? How hard is it to get a fucking dress from Valentino?”

How dare they?! Don’t they know who she is? She’s Chloe fucking Sevigny! She’s a fashion tragedy legend! She’s not just an actress, she’s an artiste. She sucked off Vincent Gallo on film for the sake of her art!

Chloe, please do us all a favor and shut the hell up.


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