Nick Stahl Has Been Found

Nick Stahl has chosen his family over the bad shit.  Hopefully for good this time.

The actor had been reported missing by wife Rose back in May, and had everyone fearing the worst.  At the time, his last known whereabouts had been somewhere near LA’s Skid Row.   Shortly afterward, he was found in rehab.

A couple weeks later, he disappeared again, once again causing speculation that something bad had happened to him. However, we can all breathe a sigh of relief.  TMZ is reporting that Nick Stahl has not only been found, but he’s in rehab.  According to a source, Nick is “in a good place.”   While he hasn’t moved back in with his family (understandably), he’s in “constant communication” with them, and working on getting himself better.

Good luck, Nick!  We hope for your family sake you can get clean.





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