Minka Kelly Made a Sex Tape

Add Minka Kelly to the list of actresses who has a sex tape skeleton in her closet.  But unlike Parasite Hilton and Kim Kartrashian, Minka didn’t actually make it get her some time in the spotlight.

According to TMZ, the tape – which is of course is being shopped to the highest bidder – seems to have been shot around the time Minka was 17/18. With Minka’s actual age at the time of the sex tape up in the air, people are a bit hesitant to actually buy the rights to it.

TMZ says the actual tape itself was shot in “semi-professional manner” since the camera was secured by a tripod and hooked up to a TV monitor.  Oh, a tripod.  They’re getting all fancy now.

Of course, Minka’s rep has no comment for this.


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