Mariah Carey’s American Idol Paycheck: $18 MILLION DOLLARS

If I were Mariah Carey this morning, I’d be dancing around joyously and singing to myself  ”make money money.” However, I suspect the real Mimi is probably doing more normal Mimi-ish things, like walking dem babies through her garden of butterflies. ( I don’t know if she really has a garden of butterflies, but it wouldn’t surprise me.)

As Lucy told you yesterday, those rumors of Mariah Carey filling in one of the two open American Idol judges’ positions turned out to be true.  At the time, we didn’t know just how much cash the show was coughing up to get Mimi front and center on the judges’ panel and showing off her amazing shade throwing skills on national television.

But now we know – Mimi’s presence is worth $18 million dollars.

Hot damn, Mimi.  GET IT.

However, you know whose reaction I’m really more interested in now?  JLo, cause AI refused to give her ass any more money and fired her for it.  I imagine in her anger,  JLo threw a vase of her white lilies at Boy Toy while ripping up a pic of Ryan Seacrest and stomping her Louboutins on old Mariah Carey CD’s.

I bet it was a tantrum of epic proportions, and it was no doubt glorious.


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