New ‘American Idol’ Judge Number One is Confirmed!

Rumors have been swirling for over a week that Mariah Carey has been in talks with the Simon Fuller, the producer and creator of the ‘American Idol’, to join Randy Jackson at the judge’s table, because Steven Tyler and Jennifer Lopez thought their expertise was worth too much money to continue pillaging on the show. Well, it seems that this rumor is actually true, because Mariah Carey announced today on twitter that she is happy to take the seat that Jennifer and Steven obviously took for granted.

Today was a big day for Mariah and her tweeted frequency because she also announced that her new single “Triumphant” will be released in August. The new single will also feature Rick Ross and Meek Mill.

Mariah could use a good pick-me-up in her career because the only person getting love and a steady paycheck now-a-days is her hubby Nick Cannon, who is a host on ‘America’s Got Talent.’ (And when I say “steady paycheck” I’m clearly disregarded the MILLIONS she gets in royalties from the thirteen albums she’s released since her self-titled debut in 1990.

It hasn’t been reported yet how much Mariah is getting for her contract; however I’m sure those golden beans will be spilled shortly.

Question is whether Mariah is a step up or step down from Jennifer Lopez. My answer is a resounding “STEP UP!”


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