Lindsay Lohan is Trying to Use Twitter to Get a Job (Again)


Remember a few years ago, when Lindsay was using Twatter to beg for a role on True Blood – going so far as to even take a pic of herself as a vampire?  And it was kind of funny in a ‘look how desperate this bitch is’ kind of way, but mostly it was a second hand embarrassment for everyone watching?

Well, she’s at it again.

This time, Lindsay is trying to attach herself to Jennifer Lawrence’s successful career, since her own has disappeared quicker than a round of shots and a line of coke whenever a Lohan is in the room.

She then followed up with “Thoughts?”

Well, Lindsay, here’s a quick way to sum up how we all feel about this idea of yours: NO.

First off, we don’t need another shitty Hollywood remake of an awesome 80′s or 90′s movie. We’ve got plenty of those coming, thanks. Secondly, desperation flows out of you the way queefs of douchebagery wisdom escape John Mayer’s lips. It’s not pretty.
I know you’re trying to orchestrate your big come back, but it ain’t happening. You know why? You gotta get sober. Stop driving (please, for the sake of everyone on the road in Los Angeles, stop driving.) Quit fucking with your face (seriously, what is UP with your face? You look like a made-in-China, Family Dollar store knock-off Muppet lately.) Also, quit doing creepy photo shoots with Terry Richardson. That shit isn’t helping either. If you did all these things, maybe – just maybe - we’d all take you seriously again.


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