Kris Humphries Ex-Girlfriend is Not Knocked Up

The other day, Lucy Justice and I were gleefully texting each other back and forth about what a caveman dumb-ass Herp-Derp Humphries was for knocking up his former jump-off, Myla Sinajaj, while he was going through such a bitter divorce battle with Kim Kartrashian.

Well, Myla  has blown a fart in our general direction and took away mine and Lucy’s fun.  Yesterday, Myla hopped on Twatter to let the world know she is not pregnant with Kris Humphries caveman spawn by posting a pic of herself in a bikini and writing,  ”Loook No Babyy bump! Yes I’m a thick curvy girl … All natural I’m comfortable in my skin.”

I guess we should all be thankful Myla and Herp-Derp are not breeding together (a scary thought indeed.)  But  on the other hand, I’m severely disappointed there’s no possibility of hearing the words, “Kris Humphries, you are NOT the father” escape Maury Povich’s lips in a very special D-list celebrity episode of his show. Boo!


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