Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler Were Fired

Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler may have said they’ve chosen to quit American Idol so they could focus on other things, but new report is claiming differently. claims show execs are the ones who to tell JLo and Steven, “It’s not me, it’s you,” and not the other way around.   A source says FOX’s move came on the heels of a salary increase request from JLo:

Jennifer Lopez says it was her choice to leave “American Idol” — but the singer was actually dumped by Fox when she asked for a $2 million raise in salary to $17 million, a person familiar with the negotiations told TheWrap.

Fox also opted not to pick up Steven Tyler’s option, the person said. Tyler announced his departure Thursday, saying he had decided to devote his energies to his first love, Aerosmith. Lopez said she wanted to focus on other aspects of her career and her children.

The article goes onto say FOX is also kicking Randy Jackson off the judges’ panel, and the only familiar face to remain will be Ryan Seacrest.

As for potential replacements, among the names being batted around are music legends Mariah Carey and Aretha Franlkin.  Let’s be honest, both Aretha and Mariah are definitely more qualified to be offer critiques than JLo and Steven could ever dream of being.


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