J. Lo is Dumping American Idol, Too

In the immediate wake of Steven Tyler’s exiting as a judge from American Idol, Jennifer Lopez has added insult to injury.

With a call to Ryan Seacrest’s show this morning, JLo confirms she and American Idol are done professionally.   When asked why now by Ryan,  J. Lo resopnded, “It just started feeling like it’s a lot. Something had to give.”

Ryan accused JLo of “breaking up” with him, to which she responded.  ”You’re going to make me cry. I honestly feel the time has come to get back to do what I do. I have put it on hold because I love Idol so much. You have a lot of other responsibilities and other things you want to do.”

JLo’s rep, Mark Young, also confirmed to the AP she won’t be returning to the show.


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