Happy 50th Birthday, Tom Cruise!

Tommy Girl is celebrating the big 5-0 today, and not without a bit of controversy.

For me, this is a rather entertaining day.  I remember the time I was a young tween, and all my friends were in love with Tom Cruise.  This was at the beginning of the rise in his career – he was hot off of movies like Top Gun and A Few Good Men.  But though my friends all thought Tommy Girl was so cute and a great actor, there was something in him I always found…off. I couldn’t explain it, and everyone thought I was too critical of someone who was just there to entertain (I’m looking at you, Nikki.)

However, I never could shake it.  Dude always just looked so dead in the eyes to me.  Even with all his ‘acting,’ I couldn’t help but think he played the same role in every movie (the wrongly accused hero always trying to prove his innocence and forced to RUN!).

So, when the truth finally started coming to light about Tommy Girl, AKA The Tooth (RIP Fametracker), I was delighted to be finally proven right (because there are few things I enjoy more than being right, bitches).

Anyhoo, in celebration of Tommy’s 50th birthday today, America’s birthday tomorrow and Katie Holmes declaration of Independence last week, here are some of my very favorite moments in Tommy Girl’s career.




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