Ashley Greene’s Publicist Works Hard for the Money

I’m too lazy to Google research if Ashley Greene and Blake Lively share the same PR rep, but I would not be at all surprised if they do, ’cause this here is some high quality public relations bullshit. I’m not even mad – I’m impressed.

The NY Post ran an article over the weekend claiming Twatlight actress and professional beard Ashley Greene has snatched Kristen Stewart’s bong and is now the sh“IT” girl from the series. When you finish up your case of the HA-HAs, you can read the Post’s reasoning:

“[Stewart] is no longer the poster girl for ‘Twilight.’ The industry has fallen in love with Greene, who is being hunted down by producers for several upcoming roles,” an insider says.

Greene is about to really cash in with three new films including the much-buzzed “CBGB,” on the New York punk scene and the venerable club.

Execs at major fashion houses are drooling over her upcoming fall DKNY Jeans campaign.

“Prada is one of many ready to pony up far more than the standard $20 million payday to land [Greene],” our source said. And all this before the last installment of “Twilight” hits theaters in mid-November.–Joseph Barracato

Excuse me, but are you high, Ashley Greene’s publicist?  This is some hilarious-ass fan fiction here, and I give you points for trying – but seriously, quit trying to make Ashley happen. She’s not going to happen.


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