Winnie Cooper is Getting a Divorce

Awww, Winnie!  This is so sad.

Danica McKellar – AKA Kevin Arnold’s adolescent love  Winnie Cooper the 80′s TV show, The Wonder Years – has separated from her husband, Mike Verta on June 1.  They were married for three years.

Yesterday, Danica took to Facebook yesterday to say thank you to all her fans for their outpouring of support:

“I am just overwhelmed by the love and support in the messages I’ve been receiving from all of you via Twitter and Facebook during this incredibly tough time.”

Danica and Mike have a 21-month-old son together named Draco (Draco!? Why?  WHY?) and are looking to share joint custody.  Danica said they ”believe this is the best thing for him.”

Side note: Danica is 37 years old and looks amazing.  Girl, spill your secrets, stat.


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