Ryan Gosling Brings Eva Mendes to His Mom’s Graduation

The Ryan Gosling-Eva Mendes relationship is still going strong, much to the agony of Gosling fangirls all over the interwebz. Yesterday, photographic evidence emerged showing how serious the two have become.

Gosling took Mendes  to his mother Donna’s graduation from Brock University yesterday in St. Catherine’s, Ontario when a felowl graduate snapped this photo and posted it on Instagram:

Ryan’s face in this picture is priceless, cause he’s all like “I know I was watching,” while Eva is like “yep, I’m tapping that later.”

Of course, when the photo was posted, the entire world (read: Twatterverse) instantly went askew and there was a mass suicide of Gosling fangirls (read: delusional Gosling fans were planning Eva’s demise).

I don’t even care, though.  I love Eva Mendes and her crazy ass, and I love this pairing.  The fangirls  making fools of themselves on the internet by bitching and moaning over them is just the syrup on the Mendes/Gosling hotcakes.

Eva, girl, I applaud you.  You get that Canadian ass, and you get it good.  And enjoy every minute of bitterness and torment you cause those fangirls  I know I would.


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