Octomom Has Herself a Man Piece

I know the last thing we all want to think about is Octomom’s sex life, yet we can’t seem to escape it lately. It’s just all up in our faces (much to our despair.)

It appears as if Octomom’s oath to abstain from sex until her youngest children are 18 has gone by the wayside, because she’s got herself a boyfriend.

Nadya Suleman, who claims to have been celibate for the past 13 years, is tossing that one right out the window.  She is now hitting it with a 23-year-old amateur body builder named Frankie, according to TMZ. How did she and her new piece meet?  According to Octomom herself – through church.

Good for her, I guess.  But I’m gonna be honest and say that my first though upon seeing Frankie in TMZ’s video (at the source) is he’s straight, alright – a straight up queen and looking to milk Octomom’s fame udders for all they’re worth.  Especially since his ass famewhored himself right in front of those TMZ cameras and made sure to give her a big fat hug, ensuring that they were going to ask about his ass.

Normally, I’m all “get that money, bitch!” to accomplished gold diggers, and will toast their money making ways, but I can’t with this bitch.  Not only does he lack skill, but it’s like he’s not even trying to cover it up here.  And it’s Octomom.  Ew. Ew.  Ewwww.

0-of-4 Golden Shovels for you, Frankie.


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