Kris Humphries Won’t Date Until Divorce From Kim is Finalized

Awww, Herp-Derp.  I guess the split from Kim has messed smartened you up a bit.

RadarOnline says that Kris Humphries’ heart is on the shelf until his divorce from Kim Kartrashian is finalized.  A source told the site:

“Kris won’t even consider dating anyone until his divorce to Kim is finalized. Kris is very much aware that Kim is dating Kanye West, and he could truly care less. He wishes her nothing but the best, and if she can be happy with Kanye, great. He just isn’t ready to date yet and doesn’t want to get in a serious relationship right now. Kris isn’t living like a monk and goes out with his buddies to clubs.”

This statement came after Herp-Derp was photographed with  a girl who looked like to Kim, and of course people speculated they were rubbing their no-no bits on each other after dark. However, the girl was totally random and Herp-Derp’s peen never touched her.

The source also says Herp-Derp wants the entire divorce proceeding filmed, and the usually famewhore, TV-starved Kartrashian is all of a sudden camera shy.

“Kim is just livid that she has to be deposed. She has tried to get out of it, but there is no way she can,” the source says. “Kris is ready for his deposition to be taken and just wants the truth to get out about what really happened when they were dating and after the wedding,” the source says.


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