Kris Humphries Has a Girlfriend

Just yesterday, Kris Humphries was working that PR machine to make sure the press knew the woman he was photographed next to in Miami – one who shared quire a likeness to Kim Kartrashian – was not his girlfriend, but a random stranger he just happened be photographed next to.

Well, according to TMZ, Herp-Derp was a liar liar pants on fire.  The site claims not only did Herp-Derp actually fly the “random stranger” down from New York to Miami, but that the two have been dating for months.

(Side note: I was thinking about breaking out the dramatic “dun-dun-DUNH” sound effect, but Herp-Derp is so bland that I don’t want to insult the sound effect by using it in connection with him.)

Anyhoo, TMZ says the girl’s name is Fatmire Sinajaj – nickname Myla – and Herp-Derp have been bumping uglies since mid-January, but Herp-Derp is keeping their relationship low key so he can try to milk Kim Kartrashian’s fake ass for all its worth in the divorce ceremony.  Since he’s claiming Kim defrauded him by tricking him into a marriage that was  for fame and gain and she broke his heart in the meantime, it wouldn’t be prudent to be seen on the regular with a new piece during the divorce process.

Let me just say, looking at Myla, Herp-Derp definitely has a type.


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