Kris Humphries Has Awful Taste in Women

According to TMZ, the relationship between Kris Humphries and Kim Kartrashian look-a-like Myla Sinajaj is already over – and the end isn’t pretty;.

It was just learned last week that Kris even had a new woman in his life. But easy come, easy go – well, sort of.  TMZ says that Myla was just looking to bask in her 15 minutes of fame for being Herp-Derp Humphries newest piece, and now that it’s over, she wants to get paid to keep her mouth shut. But Herp-Derp has decided he’s not going to have any of that and now the FBI is involved.  Apparently, Herp-Derp doesn’t take kindly to being extorted.

TMZ says:

…sources connected with Myla say she has emails, texts and other documents chronicling their relationship that could hurt Kris if they became public.

Sources connected with Kris say  … Myla threatened that if she didn’t get money she would “ruin” Kris. We’re told the two sides could not reach an agreement, and that’s when Kris’ people decided to take it to the FBI.

Our Kris sources would not say whether the alleged extortion was in person, over the phone, via email or text, but we’re told it is in some electronic form that would give the FBI jurisdiction to investigate the extortion allegation.

Yeah, you’re batting 0-for-2, Herp.  You may just want to stop dating for a bit.


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