Kim Kardashian Tweets Wet Cleavage Pic

Kim Kartrashian twatted out a set of pics yesterday from a “sexy” photoshoot she’s doing.  Kim may be a lot of things, but she knows what sells and piques interest in her brand – sex.  After all, for as much as she protests about the whole Ray J sex tape, it’s what launched her “career” after all.

She sent the set of photos out with the teaser “Wet and Wild” to her 15 million followers yesterday, and of course, the first thing I thought was “Oh…another golden shower?” But since Ray J wasn’t anywhere around, and this looks to be a professional shoot, it’s probably just regular water.

Also, note to Kim: Please stop fucking with your face.  You’re looking more and more like your mom every day, and since your mom hasn’t had real skin on her face since something like 1986, this is not a good thing.


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