Kelso and Jackie Are Still Together

Whelp, it seems as if the “romance” between Mila Kunis and Asston Kutcher hasn’t died down, despite the fact tha Mila has been on the East coast filming a movie and Asston’s been on the West coast doing…well, whatever it is that douchenozzles do. According to In Touch Weekly, Mila flew back to LA over Memorial Day weekend for – amongst other things – a Kelso booty call:

Despite attempts to keep their developing relationship under wraps, Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher have been spotted together… again. Most recently, Mila – who has been working in NYC on the film Blood Ties – flew across the country to LA to see him. And on May 27, they grabbed a late-night dinner at Café 101 in LA and then went back to his place.

“She was hanging on his every word,” says a witness. In April, they were together almost nonstop for 48 hours in LA and went on a romantic getaway up the California coast.

While she was in Los Angeles, Mila also hit up Spike TV’s 6th Annual Guy’s Choice Awards, and the 2012 MTV Movie Awards, so it’s quite possible that her meetup with Asston was simply a need to meet up and make the beast with two backs, not something serious (because Mila – ewwww).  However, since Mila is one of my biggest girl crushes, and I hate Asston the same way Tammy Cruise hates Matt Lauer, I’m taking the denial stance with “pics or it didn’t happen.”


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