Katie Holmes Wants Sole Custody of Suri

Katie – you take Suri and you ruuuuuun! You run far and you run fast!

Just when I thought that today was boring and nothing was happening in the news – we get a trifecta of shit going down.  TomKat Divorce, Adele is knocked up and now…

We find out that Katie tricked a bitch and filed for sole custody of Suri.

There has never been a more appropriate time for this gif usage right here:

TMZ says that not only did Katie file for sole legal custody of her and Tommy Girl’s daughter, but that she did everything behind Tom and $cientology’s back. Specifically, they report:

We’re told Tom “did not see this coming.”  We’re told there is some “nastiness” here, evidenced by Katie’s move to get sole legal custody.

Katie’s divorce petition was filed anonymously, without names.

Katie filed the docs in New York – a strategic legal move.  RadarOnline says Katie wanted a New York hearing because California is a no fault state, but New York considers the case and decides who is to blame (read: Tommy Girl’s crazy ass).

A source tells Radar that parenting of Suri was a huge area of conflict for the couple:

“Katie and Tom also have very different parenting views. Katie wants Suri to go to school with other children and have a grounded routine whereas Tom doesn’t, he wants her schooled in the same manner as Connor and Isabella were,” the source says. “Tom is nowhere near as strict as Katie is and doesn’t believe in disciplining Suri, whereas Katie believes that is important. Tom basically treats Suri as a little adult, however Katie treats her like a six-year-old child, and that causes some major clashes over parenting style.”

TMZ says the breaking point, though, was $cientolgy – and Katie’s desire to have Suri not brought up in that crazy ass shit (You don’t say?  I’m shocked…shocked I tell  you!)

And Lainey over at LaineyGossip has some additional details based on calls she’s made:

  • Her public play will be to paint him as a workaholic, taking job after job and having no time for family. This certainly helps her on the custody side of the argument.
  • He was asking her to reconsider and wait another 6 months. She told him she’d think about it but, with support from her family, went for it anyway, and stopped taking his calls two days ago.
  • There’s a rumour going around that I can’t lock down that she wants new staff around her and doesn’t want to be spied on anymore.
  • Tom was papped on set in Iceland the other day but there’s some confusion now about where he is. No one can find him.

Katie girl, we’re all very proud of you – and very worried.  You in danger, girl. You best be watching your  back, cause Tommy Girl and Xenu are not happy.  Not happy at all.


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