Judge Orders Halle Berry to Pay Gabriel Aubry $20k/Month in Child Support

Damn, Gabby, I’m impressed with this shit! Twerk!

Halle Berry has yet another reason to hate daughter Nahla’s baby daddy Gabriel Aubry, because a judge has just ordered her to pay him $20,ooo a month in child support.

To which I say, get that money, Gabriel!  I’m sure you’ll be hearing from Chris Bosh’s baby mama, who is filing for food stamps, in 3, 2…

TMZ says an LA  judge made the decision on Monday, as there was no child support order issued until now, though Nahla is already 4 years old.  Halle is currently battling to take Nahla to Paris full time to live with her and fiance Olivier Martinez.

I applaud you, Gabriel!  I give you 4-out-of-5 golden shovels for this move.  Bravo!


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