Friday Freakiness: Tom Cruise’s Bird Poop Facial

I’ve known for a long time that Tom Cruise was batshit crazy – way before the Oprah couch-jumping incident, FYI – but I had no idea he was birdshit crazy, as well.

What do I mean, “birdshit crazy,”  you ask?  Turns out Tommy Girl has a strange affinity for the bird poop – on his face.

HuffPo says Tommy Girl was inspired by Victoria Beckham’s love for shit on her face, and now pays $180 a treatment to have the poo of nightingales rubbed lovingly on skin in an effort to maintain his youthful appearance.

“Tom doesn’t go in for Botox or surgery, but he does pay close attention to all the new and popular natural treatments,” an unnamed source told Now magazine. “He recently started experimenting with the nightingale poo facial.”

Celebrities paying to have poop facials.  I literally can not make this shit up. I must have missed the old adage, “A daily bit of dung keeps the face young!”


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