Filed Under Things You Never Wanted to See: Octomom Rides a Sybian

I don’t know what’s the worst part about Nadya Sulemon’s mouth:  the fact that it looks like an anus blowing a fart kiss into the wind,  the way her lower jaw becomes somehow unhinged when she speaks, reminding me of Diana from the original V eating a guinea pig, or that stupid Khloe Kardashian-esque baby voice of hers .  Either way, I fucking hate everything about her mouth.

And I’ve chosen to focus on her rectum-like lips for this piece of commentary instead of the fact that I just watched Octomom ride the Sybian.  I don’t even think I need to explain why. But here you go for your viewing displeasure.  I apologize in advance, for watching this will make you the opposite of horny for at least a week. Videos like this on YouTube make me wish they had a “Keep to Yourself” button next to the “Share” option.


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