Alexis Knapp Was Getting it From Seth McFarlane While Pregnant with Ryan Phillippe’s Baby

Mmmkay, this is a little…odd, but if you say so, Us

Us Weekly is saying that Project X star Alexis Knapp was hooking up with Seth MacFarlane while she was knocked up with Ryan Phillippe’s baby. Excuse me, but for some reason I happened to think of this:

Anyhoo, Alexis Knapp “a source” close to the situation says that while she was okay with being public, Seth didn’t want any of that shit getting out:

She said she wasn’t really into it at the time,” the insider shared with Us at the premiere of MacFarlane’s big-screen debut, Ted.

The reason the comedian, 39, is hoping to keep their relationship under wraps?

“He doesn’t want to distract from Ted,” the source explained of the first-time filmmaker. “This [movie] is his baby.” (When reached for comment, a rep for MacFarlane insisted to Us that he and Knapp are not dating.)

Still, inside their circle of friends, their status as a former item is an open secret. “Alexis said people in the industry know about it,” the source said. “She really liked him and wants it to be official.”

Apologies to Alexis and Ryan’s baby, Kailani, who grow up and one day find out her mother was getting it from Seth MacFarlane while she was still pregnant.  Ewww.


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