Official Teaser Trailer for New James Bond Movie, “Skyfall”

Columbia Pictures

Okay, so here’s my conundrum.  I don’t like James Bond films.  But I like Daniel Craig.  So his taking over as James Bond has caused me quite the dilemma for the past few years because I even though I find him so uglysexy, I just can’t get into 007.

But, since I know The Boyfriend is going to drag me to see this, at least I can appreciate Daniel Craig and Ralph-used-to-be-Fiiine will also be in the film, and I enjoy him, as well.

Either way, here’s the first official teaser trailer for the next Bond film, Skyfall. If you’re a 007 junkie, you’ll be creaming your pants.  If you’re me, you’re throwing a side-eye at November now.


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