New “True Blood” Season 5 Teaser

Oh, True Blood.  You are like that toxic boyfriend I know will continue disappoint me, but I just can’t quit you. And when you give me teasers like this – the equivalent of make up sex after last year’s disappointing as hell season – I can’t help but open my arms and take you back.

A new promo for the next season of True Blood debuted on HBO yesterday, and WHAM! all the feelings are back again! We got hot!Eric, hot!Pam, hot!Christopher Meloni and BAMF Russell fucking Edgington in the space of one minute and 31 seconds.

I need a fan – I’m getting hot flashes.

So yes, True Blood, we can work on our relationship.  But I’m warning you right now – if you give me another storyline like Crystal/Jason were-panther bullshit one more time, you and I will be permanently over.


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