JLo’s Boy Toy Got Her Name Tattooed on His Penis

Casper Smart (if this is true, please consider changing your last name to something more appropriate) has apparently found a way to show Jennifer Lopez his love for her is eternal – by getting her name tattooed on his dick.

In Touch Weekly print edition claims Boy Toy got the ink as a ‘surprise’ for JLo:

What says “I love you” more than having your girlfriend’s name tattooed on your nether region? Nothing, if you’re Jennifer Lopez’s boyfriend, Casper Smart.

According to a friend, Casper surprised J.Lo with this token of his affection – and she was thrilled with the latest addition to his already inked-up body!

“Jennifer thinks Casper’s tattoos are sexy, but this one is her favorite, for obvious reasons,” her friend says. “She loves it, and she loves him.”

It’s a lovefest all around, according to another source, who says Casper’s friends and family have become “obsessed” with his high-profile relationship. One wrote on his Facebook wall: “All of you mom and dad’s friends are living vicariously through you” after Casper posted a photo of him with J.Lo. And his mom has even renamed herself Shawna Lopaz!

So, if Casper really get JLo permanently on his pecker, these are the thoughts that are going through my scattered, slightly hungover brain this morning:

  • Does it say Jen when he’s limp, then grow to Jennifer when he’s ready for sexy-times?
  • A penis is not the place where a tattoo should ever go – I bet it hurt.
  • What will his future girlfriends think when they’re banging a dude that has another woman’s name on his dick?
  • Or does this mean he will only date girls named “Jennifer” in the future
  • Laser tattoo removal will hurt like a motherfucker when they break up
  • WTF, Shawna Lopaz? 

Boy Toy, I really hope this story is not true, or you’re one dumb himbo, indeed.


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