Everybody Hates Kim

On the heels of  reports saying Kim’s conspicuous absence at last week’s Met Gala was due to Anna Wintour wanting to stab Kimmy-cakes with the heel of a Louboutin is this story saying Anna isn’t unique in her loathing of the star. This week’s InTouch (via Jezebelsays loads of celebs actually can’t stand the live-action urinal reality star.  A source close to Kim says, ““Poor Kim doesn’t have a friend in the world. She’s always wanted to surround herself with famous people, but they don’t want anything to do with her anymore.”

So let’s go down the list of people (besides moi) who feel like they would catch Kartrashian cooties (better known as herpes) if they get too close to Kim:

Michael Kors.  His clothing line may be mostly boring, but his taste is people is to be commended!  When Kim called him for help securing an invitation to attend the Gala, he pretended to not be at home and let the phone keep ringing:

Kim also thought she might attend the Met gala with Kanye, and asked Michael Kors to dress her. He didn’t respond.

GOOP.  This is no surprise, as Kim is beneath Queen Gwyneth Paltrow (as is the entire world.)  While Kim is known for being the real life urinal cake of a try-hard R&B singer, Gwyneth is more interested in helping people cleanse their colon for $400, or giving tips on how to dress your children in Alpaca wool made exclusively in Bolivia.  Speaking of GOOP, let’s go on to her BFF’s.

Beyonce.  Apparently, after Kim’s over-the-top wedding to Kris Humphries last year, they avoided her like the plague.  They were supposedly at one time friends, but soon Bey was telling Kim she was too busy to hang out because she was re-arranging her wig drawer.

Halle Berry. Kim “dated” (read: fucked) her ex and baby-daddy Gabriel Autry for a month back in 2010.  Halle Berry is crazy as hell and probably trying to figure out how get rid of  Gabriel and make it look like an accident as I type this, so it’s no shock she’d loathe anyone connected to him and/or his peen.

Anderson Cooper.  He has no tolerance for anything named Kartrashian, because he is a flawless human being.


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