Dina Lohan Says the Media Attacked Liz Taylor, Too

Oh, here comes Dina Lohan starting up the Lindsay-is-a-modern-day-Liz bullshit.  We all knew it was just a matter of time before LiLo’s momager was going to pull this one out of her ass.

In an interview with Access Hollywood Friday, Dina said Lindsay really gets Liz Taylor,and it will translate well into her role for the upcoming Lifetime movie, Liz & Dick (what a terrible name).

“There’s so many similarities [between them] … the tabloids, they attacked [Liz] as well,” Dina continued. “She’s really learned a lot, she’s grown up a lot.

Ahaha  …what? Looking 55 instead of 25 because of overtanning,bad fillers and drug use does not an adult make, Dina.  Although, you wouldn’t really understand that, would you…

“This town is tough… Lindsay is 25, so it’s for her to talk about her demise, or whatever was going on at the time,” she told Billy and Lisa. “I felt as a mother, yes, I’m going to protect my children publicly, privately, I kick their butts. I’m a single mom, of course I do!”

Ah, that Dina, delusional as ever.  In every interview, she reminds us awesome Lindsay is and – hey, did she you know she’s a single mom?!

The sad part is that at this point, Dina actually looks younger and healthier than LiLo, which is an absolute travesty considering that the blood flowing through Momager Lohan’s veins was long ago replaced with Vodka and cocaine.



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