The Situation Being Treated for Drugs AND Alcohol

Details are emerging about Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino’s stint in rehab.  The more we learn, the more it seems like a sixth season of Jersey Slore is a bad idea, and we’re not only because it’s an affront to taste and class.

The Situation is currently holed up in the ultra-posh rehab, the Cirque Lodge in Utah. (You may remember this as the place Demi Moore spent some time at after her highly publicized breakdown earlier this year.)   In addition to an addiction to prescription pills, Sorrentino also cops to having issues with alcohol, as well. (We are shocked.)

According to TMZ, the Jersey Slore star  is freely discussing with others at the facility how his paid club appearances helped escalate his addiction to alcohol, saying such frequent appearances in an environment where he was encouraged to drink definitely caused a dependency on the stuff.

This begs the question on just how the sixth season of MTV’s popular reality series will shape up. If Mike is fresh out of rehab, and Snooki knocked up, I can’t imagine many positives coming from it (not that there was any positives in seasons 1-5, to be honest).  But you’re gonna have a guy who is struggling to stay on the wagon and a reformed party girl who is knocked up and planning her big, fat Guido wedding?

Yeah, just when you thought the show couldn’t be any more of a train wreck than it already is…


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