LiLo Rides Again! Lindsay Lohan Hits Person While Driving, Flees the Scene

Oh, Lindsay, Lindsay, Lindsay.  Just when you were trying to convince the world you were a changed woman (and we’re not just talking about your recently enhanced face), your true nature returns.

TMZ is reporting LiLo struck a person with her brand new Porsche last night shortly after leaving the Sayers Club in LA.  (Of course she was at a club.)

Lindsay was attempting to avoid the paparazzi last night as they swarmed her car.  As she was making a 3-point-turn, LiLo struck the manager of the Hookah Lounge, who was standing by his car at the time.

According to TMZ, “Lindsay made contact with the manager of the Hookah Lounge with her car and then peeled out.”

Law enforcement sources described   the incident at LiLo’s vehicle “grazing” the man’s knee.

Initially, the man claimed he wasn’t injured, and even said so much to the paps who were standing nearby. When police arrived on the scene to investigate, he must have told them the same thing, as they determined no one was injured and left.  Police won’t file charges without injuries in such a case.

However, at the time, the man, who is foreign to the US, didn’t know who Lindsay Lohan was (oh, how I envy him for that brief bliss from ignorance.)   Later on, though, he was informed of the celebrity status of the person who hit him with his car.

All of a sudden, he began feeling pain. Imagine that.

By 6am this morning Pacific time, the man had visited the emergency room to be checked out for his injuries.  TMZ says the man will press charges against LiLo and hire an attorney.

If this version of the story is true, it’s obviously a pathetic attempt to get money from Linsday, and I actually almost feel sorry for her.

However, Lindsay, why in the hell haven’t you hired a driver yet? Or a limo? Or something instead of driving yourself? You’ve seen nothing good happen when you climb behind the wheel.




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