Gabriel Aubry’s Child Endangerment Case Dropped

L.A. County Department of Children and Family Services filed a complaint against Gabriel Aubry after they had concerns about Nahla’s safety when he was with her. During the pendency of the proceeding, Gabriel could only have supervised visits with Nahla.

Gabriel and Halle have also been to Family Court, which is in front of different  judge, to resolve a child custody issue. Gabriel wants more time and Halle wants him to have less. Gabriel also wants a shit load of money to support Nahla so that he can ensure that he is providing her with substantially the same lifestyle that she enjoys with Halle. Obviously, this benefit would extend to him as well.

The Family Law judge reset the hearing on this child custody and child support issue until the Dependency Judge determine the child endangerment issue. Well, now that the child endangerment claims have been dropped, it’s time to get back to the mula.

Halle is vehemently opposing everything that Gabriel wants. They ae obviously not amicable with one another.

Before Gabriel walked out of the courtroom with money on the mind, he was given a list of conditions to follow from now on when he is with his daughter.


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