Russell Brand Not Taking Katy’s Money in Divorce

Well, maybe things are a bit more amicable between Russell Brand and Katy Perry than reports have previously suggested.

According to TMZ, Brand is entitled to roughly $20 million of Katy’s earnings from the time they were married through the time of Brand’s divorce filngs since the two did not have a pre-nup. ¬†Side note: People of Hollywood, what is up with this shit? Why would you NOT have a pre-nup? Kanye says it best: when they leave you’re ass they gonna leave with half.

Anyhoo, mark one for decency here. ¬†Even though Brand is entitled for the money and Katy had a killer reign on the radio and in concert during their 14-month marriage, a source says, “This divorce is as amicable as it gets, and Russell was mensch (TMZ says Yiddish for a good person).”

It’s nice to see that people can be divorced in Hollyweird with out all the drama.





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