Demi Moore’s Dangerous Obsession with Being Young and Thin

Demi in November 2011

It seems as if Demi Moore’s recent health issues may have been stemmed in insecurities with aging and her weight.

This week, PEOPLE is reporting that Demi was absolutely obsessed with being thin and young-looking, to the detriment of her own well-being.  Given the fact that Asston Kutcher was only 33 (and a philandering SOB, to boot) only intensified those insecurities, as she found herself striving to remain sexy for him.  I find ironic because she tried to look younger, Asston looked more and more like a 50-year-old homeless wino.

Anyhoo, according to PEOPLE:

As Demi got older, she convinced herself that she needed to stay young and skinny to remain attractive to her husband,” says a source who knows the former couple.

Continues the source: “She needed reassurance all the time that she was hot and sexy.”

So, doing what any normal (for Hollyweird) person would do, Demi went on a diet of air and Red Bull.   Another insider confirms the story, saying she “was always fixated on being young.” Of course, not helping matters is that the crowd she hung around with was much younger than her.


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