Russell told Katy She Wasn’t Funny When She Hosted SNL

As the Russell Brand and Katy Perry move on with their divorce proceedings, more and more rumors of why the couple broke up are emerging.

And in pretty much all of them, Russell looks like a dickweed.

The latest accusation comes from a source who tells US Weekly that a huge problem in the Brand/Perry union was that Russell just wasn’t there for his wife.

The insider claims that when Katy recently hosted an episode of  Saturday Night Live, she asked Russell to do a skit on the show with her. However, Russell flat out refused his wife’s plea and stayed in LA while she made the trek to New York City.

Afterward, the source claims, “He told her that she wasn’t that funny.” True as that statement may be (and let’s be real, it’s the truth), still…damn. Way harsh, Tai. “That really hurt.”

On Wednesday, moving vans and storage units were spotted outside of the couple’s 7-bedroom, three story house in L.A.

Perry and Brand bought the house just this past June for $6.5 million dollars.



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