Russell Entitled To BIG Money From KP Split!

Ok, so you may think that splitting up from super-sexy and majorly famous star, Katy Perry, is a bit of a downer, but do not despair Russell Brand – there’s $31 MILLION with your name on it!

Katy and Russell may have only been married for fourteen months, but because they were clearly so sure (or stupid, take your pick) of their adoration for each other, there was no prenup agreement, and therefore, Brand is entitled to a 50/50 split of Perry’s millions!

Forbes magazine had claimed that KP was worth an estimated $43 million, which has since gone through the roof due to her year long touring and she is now worth approximately $69 million (there ya go, Russ, you might even get more than $20 million).  Brand on the other hand is only worth a measly $17 million. His career actually has come quite a long way from how us Brits used to know him, a drug-riddled sex addict who did some very vulgar stand-up comedy!

Well done Russ, you’ve actually done quite well for yourself in the end. Don’t worry too much about the failed marriage! Just think of the money headed your way. Every cloud and all that…


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