Marc Anthony Moves on from JLo with Model Shannon de Lima

In the battle of the new boy/girlfriends, between Marc “Skeletor” Anthony and Jennifer Lopez – the point goes to Skeletor. He got a model, JLo ended up with a fugly back up dancer. But JLo’s taste in men has always leaned toward the ‘so ugly they’re actually just ugly’ side.

Skeletor has a new woman in his life – 24 year Venezuelan model ¬†Shannon de Lima. On Wednesday, he twatted Shannon, “To@Shadelima, my statue of liberty. Kisses baby.”

Skeletor’s son, Chase Muniz, is over the moon for his dad. “My dad is happy I’m happy. Love you dad!!!!!!!” However, he reassured fans that he will always have love in his heart for his stepmom, Jennifer. “I still LOVE my stepmom @JLo. That’s never going to change she’s my mom forever!!!!!!!!!”

Someone needs to back off ¬†the exclamation marks…

DeLima has her own son – a four-year-old Daniel. Actor Manual Coco Sosa is his father.



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