Lindsay Lohan in Talks to Play Elizabeth Taylor for Lifetime Movie

Elizabeth Taylor must be rolling over in grave at this news.

Lindsay Lohan is currently in talks to play the movie legend in an upcoming Lifetime biopic (Lifetime – that is actually worse than Playboy, a new career low.)

The movie has been in the works since May, according to The Hollywood Reporter. The film is being produced by Larry Thompson, who’s previous accolades include Amish Grace, a Lifetime 2010 movie which focused on the tragic incident in 2006 where a madmen killed 5 elementary school children in an Amish schoolhouse in Pennsylvania.

LiLo, who is more known for her off-screen antics and famewhoring rather than her movie roles (has she even had any in the past couple years – I can’t even be bothered with IMDB right now…), most recent role was posing nude as Marilyn Monroe for the January/February edition of Playboy.


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