Katy Perry NOT Attending People’s Choice Awards!

Guess the split from soon-to-be-ex Russell Brand is taking its toll on Katy Perry after all.

The singer announced Monday that she is backing out of her highly anticipated performance at Wednesday night’s People’s Choice Awards. The appearance was to be her first public one since Brand filed for divorce in November.

Perry twatted the news Sunday:


Prior to that, Katy thanked her fans for all their love and support, saying the outpouring of love was helping her heal.

She also warned her followers that they shouldn’t believe everything they read:

I may not be that big a fan of her music, but I can’t help but feel bad for her. First, she married someone who looks like he reeks of BO all the time. Seriously, can’t you at least look like you’ve showered recently, Russell?

Then, you have rumors of marital trouble plague you for months (at the same time rumors say you’re preggo, too – how dare you have a bit of bloat, Katy!). Then, your marriage falls apart and undergoes the intense scrutiny of life in the public eye. Katy seems harmless enough. It’s just a sucky situation overall. And yes, I’m using the word sucky. Deal.


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